“But the most serious problem […] the one with the gravest consequences – remains the duplicity by which light causes us to have confidence in the simplicity of the act of seeing, proposing im-meditation to us as the model of knowledge whereas light itself, out of sight and in a hidden manner, acts only as a mediator, playing with us through a dialectic of illusion.”
(M. Blanchot – The Infinite Conversation)

Piero Roi, born 1971, is an artist working with photography and site-specific installation.

He is particularly interested in those phenomena – either in Physics or Psychology – that can be defined as liminal, or standing at the threshold.

His work has been published in art magazines and books such us Gomma Magazine, Photographies, N-Sphere, Blacklie and is present in various private collections.

Among his latest shows:  MIA Art Fair @ Heillandi Gallery – Milano, Italy (Mar 2017); Koln Art Fair @ Heillandi Gallery – Cologne, Germany (Oct 2016);  Opening Show, Heillandi gallery, Lugano, Switzerland (Sept 2016); Inneres Auge, solo show at Sponge Contemporary Art (2015), curated by Loretta Di Tuccio; Personal Mythologies, group-show at Tactic Gallery within Cork Photo-Festival 2015 with Michael Ackerman, Hideka Tonomura, Iñaki Domingo, Susu Laroche, Hester L Scheurwater, Ilias Georgiadis, Irem Sozen, Lily Zou, Stéphane Charpentier, Pascal Ungerer, Magdalena Switek Rebbel, Nicolas Janowski and Momo Okabe, curated by Helio Leon; The Wasteland, Palazzo Stanga, Cremona (2015) – group show with Andrea Botto, Claudia Gambadoro and Ricardo Miguel Hernandez, curated by Giovanna Giannini Guazzugli.

He currently lives and works in Madrid